Jon Mills

Lead Guitar/Vocals

Jon Mills, lead guitarist, adds the heavy edge to The Project’s sound. Jon has an extensive background in progressive metal and his tasty, melodic approach to guitar playing gives the songs a nuance that reminds the listener of the great rock and roll guitarists of the past.

Tech Specs:
Kramer Guitars
Ernie Ball Strings
Marshall Amps
Epiphone Cabinets
Line 6 Pod Effects
InTune Jon Mills Custom Jumbo Jazz 1.0 Picks
Live Wire Cables

Jon Mills Facebook

Hello everyone!

New content will be coming soon.

I had to put a freeze on my videos due to playing a LOT of shows, but I'll be back next week with some guitar videos, some inside looks at an RGP band rehearsal, and maybe some late-night gaming if I'm feeling up to it!

Stay tuned, and thanks for being patient! 🤘🏻

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I rock out... For the Horde! ...

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